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Suppresses flaming and assists with optics protection.
The Computer Controlled Air Assist is controlled by the print driver and allows up to two air sources or one air and one gas source. One air source is used to protect the moving mirrors and lens. The same air source or another source of air or gas can be forced directly in line with the laser path through a nozzle below the lens to assist in engraving or cutting. Air or gas can be turned on to high or low pressure or off during the job, all controlled by commands from the computer. Directing air onto the optics instead of using gas saves the expense of gas. The computer control only turns on the gas flow when necessary saving the expense of gas that would be wasted in a simple on/off system. Computer control also shuts off the ULS compressor pump when it is not needed.


Professional Series laser platforms (VLS Platform, PLS and ILS Platforms). Requires an external air and/or gas supply. The External Compressor Unit for Air Assist is highly recommended. Any air or gas supply not provided by ULS must have a regulator set to no higher than 60 PSI and air must be oil free, dried and filtered air.


Must be factory installed.

Common Uses:
Higher power engraving and cutting or any rubber engraving.