Seminar Dates

December 12th and 13th  Laser basics training Class

Limited to 6 people

Charlotte Office

Laser applications for engraving and cutting using wood, plastics, stone and glass All day session, Hands on with the latest Universal Laser


December 19th   Last minute Christmas laser workshop for Arts and Craft.

Stamping, Scrapbook, Glass and Creamic tile.

Half day fro 9:00 to 12:00   Class Limit 10

Charlotte Office


January 9th   Commercial applications for laser engraving and cutting.

Modeling, Prototyping, metal marking, Vector cutting

All day session Class Limit 25 Greensboro, NC


February 27    Introduction to lasers.

Open to anyone interested in laser applications for business or personal. Hands on demonstrations or Universal Laser Equipment and discussion of laser markets

Class limited to 10       9:00 to 12:00