Frequently Asked Questions

What are the site and system requirements to operate a Universal Laser System?

Universal Laser Systems (ULS) require a dedicated windows-based computer, fume exhaust or filtration system, suitable electrical power, and a oil-free compressed air source (only if air assist is needed for material processing).

What software can I use to design laser cutting and engraving files?

Most of our customers use CorelDRAW®, Adobe Illustrator®, or AutoCAD®. ULS also offers a Direct File Import option that allows users to directly import certain graphic file formats (PDF/DXF/STL/G-Code).

How much laser power do I need?

Laser power needs depend on your application. We offer laser systems with a power range of 10 to 150 watts. As an example, if you’re only using your laser to cut paper, a 10 watt laser would be suitable. However, if you need to cut 1/2” acrylic, a higher power laser will be needed. Contact us and we can guide you to the appropriate options.

Can I finance the purchase of ULS laser?

Yes. We work with several financing companies for which we can provide a referral. Six month 0% interest financing is also available through PayPal.

Will you offer a trade-in or buy my used laser?

Yes. Depending on the age and condition of your used laser we will extend a trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new machine or offer a cash value for your used machine.

Do you provide support and service?

Yes, we provide on-site service, support, preventive maintenance, and training for ULS lasers. We have a by-the-hour rate for on-site service. Visit our ULS service page to fill out a service request or contact us and we will guide you to an appropriate service option.

Where are Universal Laser Systems made?

All Universal Laser Systems are made to order in Scottsdale, AZ USA.