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Universal Laser Systems

VLS3.75 Platform

VLS3.75 Platform

The Universal Laser Systems VLS3.75 is a state-of-the-art, free-standing laser platform featuring an expansive 12" x 24" material processing area, tailored for precise cutting and engraving on various materials. This versatile machine combines advanced technology with user-friendly operation, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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The Universal Laser Systems VLS3.75 is a standout choice in the laser cutting and engraving market, offering a powerful combination of versatility and precision. As a free-standing platform, it boasts an impressive material processing envelope, accommodating a wide range of project sizes. This platform is uniquely adaptable, compatible with a variety of CO2 laser sources, ranging from 10 to 75 watts. This flexibility ensures that it can handle a diverse array of materials and applications, from delicate engraving to robust cutting tasks.

At the heart of the VLS3.75's functionality is its user-friendly interface, embodied in the five-button keypad and the innovative Universal Control Panel (UCP). The UCP simplifies the laser processing with its intuitive design, allowing even novice users to achieve professional-quality results. The inclusion of a comprehensive Intelligent Materials Database is a game-changer, automatically optimizing settings for hundreds of materials, thereby reducing the learning curve for new materials and applications.

Safety and efficiency are paramount in the design of the VLS3.75. It includes an audible alarm for fire detection, ensuring a safe operating environment. The platform also features integrated optics protection, which maintains the cleanliness and functionality of critical components, enhancing the machine's longevity and reliability.

The VLS3.75 is further enhanced by a range of optional accessories designed to maximize its efficiency and versatility. These include various Air Assist Attachments, which improve the quality of laser processing and extend the machine's capabilities.

The Universal Laser Systems VLS3.75, offered by Abernethy Beck Inc, is a highly adaptable and user-friendly platform, ideal for businesses seeking a reliable and versatile laser cutting and engraving solution. Its combination of advanced features and optional accessories makes it a valuable asset for a wide range of industrial and creative applications.

Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Cabinet Style: Free-Standing
  • Laser Material Processing Area: 24 x 12 inches (610 x 305 mm)
  • Maximum Part Size: 29 x 17 x 8.5 inches (737 x 432 x 216 mm)
  • Overall Dimension: 36 x 38 x 30 inches (914 x 965 x 762 mm)
  • Rotary Capacity: Max Diameter 8 inches (203 mm)
  • Motorized Z Axis Lifting Capacity: 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Weight: 325 lbs (147 kg)

Interface and Requirements:

  • Laser Platform Interface Panel: Five-button keypad
  • Computer Requirements: Requires dedicated PC with Windows® 7/8/10/11 (32/64 bit) and one available USB port (2.0 or higher)

Optics and Construction:

  • Available Focus Lenses: 1.5, 2.0, 4.0 inches, and  HPDFO™ (High Power Density Focusing Optics)
  • Optics Protection: Integrated with included gas assist

Laser Options:

  • Available Laser Powers: 10, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 75 Watts

Power and Exhaust Requirements:

  • Power Requirements: 110V/10A or 220V-240V/5A

Exhaust Requirements: One 4 inch (102 mm) ports, 250 CFM @ 6 inches static pressure (850 m3/hr at 1.5 kPa)

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