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Universal Laser Systems

60 Watt ULR-60 Laser Cartridge

60 Watt ULR-60 Laser Cartridge

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Universal Laser Systems 60 Watt ULR-60 Laser Cartridge - Refurbished

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Step up your production with the high-performance Universal Laser Systems 60 watt ULR-60 laser cartridge, expertly refurbished to deliver unmatched precision and reliability. This laser cartridge, specifically designed for Universal Laser Systems models, enhances both cutting and engraving capabilities, making it an essential upgrade for professionals in the industry.

Product Features:

  • High Power Output: At 60 watts, the ULR-60 laser cartridge boosts performance for diverse cutting and engraving tasks.
  • Certified Refurbished: Directly refurbished by Universal Laser Systems, ensuring factory-level quality and like-new functionality.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Tailored to fit seamlessly with compatible Universal Laser Systems models. Contact ABI to verify compatibility with your specific laser setup.
  • Extended Warranty: Equipped with a comprehensive 1-year manufacturer's warranty, securing your investment and operational confidence.

Why Opt for the ULR-60? Choosing the ULR-60 laser cartridge from Universal Laser Systems means investing in reliability and cost efficiency. Restored to meet rigorous standards, it's an economical solution to expand the capabilities of your existing equipment. Whether it's detailed artistry or rapid production demands, the 60 watt output handles it with ease.

Consult Our Experts: Need clarification on compatibility? Our ABI experts are on standby to help integrate the ULR-60 laser cartridge into your system flawlessly. Contact us today to enhance your setup’s performance without the high costs associated with new equipment.

Boost Your Business with Universal Laser Systems’ ULR-60 Empower your business with the Universal Laser Systems 60 watt ULR-60 laser cartridge. Opt for this refurbished powerhouse and see how it revamps your production quality and efficiency.

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