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Universal Laser Systems

2.0 Lens and #3 Mirror VLS/PLS

2.0 Lens and #3 Mirror VLS/PLS

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This exceptional package combines two essential components: the Universal Laser 2.0 Lens and the #3 Mirror, each designed to significantly enhance the precision and efficiency of your laser applications.

Universal Laser 2.0 Lens (Part # 145-0024-00-A): Dive into the realm of high-efficiency laser processing with the Universal Laser 2.0 Lens. This state-of-the-art lens assembly, specifically crafted for Universal Laser models, is engineered to redefine the standards of laser accuracy and consistency. Its advanced design ensures optimal focal length, resulting in unparalleled detail and precision in your laser engraving, cutting, and marking tasks. Whether you're tackling intricate designs or high-volume projects, this lens is your gateway to flawless laser processing results.

#3 Mirror for Universal Laser Systems (Part # 145-0018-00-A): Constructed from premium materials, this mirror boasts a robust, scratch-resistant coating that maximizes reflectivity while minimizing distortion. The result is a laser beam of exceptional quality, ensuring your projects benefit from the highest level of accuracy and detail.

Compatibility: Designed for a range of Universal Laser models, this bundle is a versatile solution for various applications, whether in a professional setting or for personal projects: VLS3.60, VLS3.75, VLS4.60, VLS4.75, VLS6.60, VLS6.75, PLS4.75, PLS6.75, PLS6150D, MVX Legacy Models

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