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Universal Laser Systems

4.0 Replacement Lens, VLS/PLS (145-0026-00-A)

4.0 Replacement Lens, VLS/PLS (145-0026-00-A)

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Universal Laser Models: VLS3.60, VLS3.75, VLS4.60, VLS4.75, VLS6.60, VLS6.75, PLS4.75, PLS6.75, PLS6150, MVX Series

Universal Laser Part #: 145-0026-00-A

Quantity: 1

Used per machine: 1

4.0” Lens - the perfect solution for when clearance or tolerance becomes an issue in your engraving or cutting projects. This lens kit is the longest focal length produced by ULS and offers an additional 2” (50.8mm) clearance over the standard 2.0” lens kit, making it the best option for thick, consistent straight edge cutting up to 1” (25.4mm) or more depending on the material.

Designed for use with the VLS Platform and PLS series systems, the 4.0” lens kit can be interchanged with other lenses as needed, making it a versatile addition to your laser system. Plus, it is field upgradable on supported systems 1996 and newer, ensuring that your equipment is always up to date.

One of the standout features of the 4.0” lens kit is its ability to produce a focused beam over a longer vertical distance, which makes it ideal when engraving within a recessed area of a product, such as inside a bowl or box. However, due to its large spot size, the engraving detail may be lower compared to other lenses.

Another benefit of this lens is that it is much further from the surface of the material being worked on, reducing the chance of contamination from residue. This is especially important in industries where cleanliness and precision are key.

While the 4.0” lens kit is great for thick cutting, it is not recommended for detailed engraving. It also reduces your Z-axis (table height) by 2” (25.4mm) and is not available on VLS Desktop, ILS, or XLS systems. Additionally, it will not work with SuperSpeed or Dual Head options.

If you need a lens that offers the best tolerance and clearance, as well as the longest focal length for cutting thick materials, the 4.0” lens kit is the ideal choice for your laser system.

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