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Universal Laser Systems

Cone for 2.0 lens - VLS/PLS (part # 700-2058-00-A)

Cone for 2.0 lens - VLS/PLS (part # 700-2058-00-A)

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Compatible Universal Laser Systems Models: VLS3.60, VLS3.75, VLS4.60, VLS4.75, VLS6.60, VLS6.75, PLS4, PLS6.150D

The Universal Laser Air Assist Cone 2.0 (part # 700-2058-00-A) leverages ULS's advanced Gas Assist with Optics Protection technology to elevate laser material processing. This innovative component enhances quality, speed, and safety across a wide array of materials by effectively managing processing byproducts through targeted gas streams. The Air Assist Cone improves processing quality by removing debris and controlling chemical reactions, thus ensuring cleaner cuts and markings. By increasing processing speeds, it significantly reduces operational costs. Its capability to safely process combustible materials and those emitting combustible byproducts enhances laser system safety. Maintenance is also minimized as it keeps the working environment and critical optical surfaces clean, prolonging the life of essential components.

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